Businesses of all kinds want to make their processes more efficient, and Kodak Alaris offers the right technology to optimize workflows that involves paper. Kodak Alaris and ACA Pacific have helped customers reach their digital transformation goals. The overall quality of Kodak desktop, departmental, and production scanners consistently stands out from the competition. Accurate and high-quality information capture combined with intelligent software and trusted Kodak Alaris services provide custom document management solutions designed just for any organisation.

  • A4/A3 high-speed Document Scanners – Portable, Desktop, Networked, Departmental and Production level
  • Capture Software (on-prem and/or web based)
  • ACA Pacific is the EXCLUSIVE Kodak Alaris Australia and New Zealand Distributor
  • Kodak Alaris is where digital transformation starts.
  • Documents → Data → Information → Transformation
Kodak Alaris has claimed the coveted BLI 2021 Scanner Line of the Year award from the analysts at Buyers Lab

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