ABBYY are a leading Digital Intelligence company that helps organisations to imagine a better way to work and accelerate your business. Paper and business still go hand in hand. Government agencies and commercial organisations, such as financial and insurance companies, legal firms and educational organisations, have to process vast amounts of paper and PDF documents. ABBYY has developed innovative solutions that dramatically increase the efficiency and accuracy of this process. Thousands of organizations worldwide save time and resources by using ABBYY’s OCR, document recognition, data capture and linguistic technologies.

  • Process Intelligence – Easily discover, understand, and manage business process execution more effectively
  • Content Intelligence Content skills and understanding for digital workforces
  • FineReader Server Deploy server-based, large volume OCR solution for document conversion. FineReader PDF Edit, convert, and compare PDFs and scans
  • FlexiCapture Capture data from any documents, from structured forms and surveys to unstructured text-heavy papers
  • FlexiCapture for Invoices Ready-to-run accounts payable automation solution
  • Document Conversion Enhance your applications with OCR, ICR and PDF conversion functions
  • Mobile Capture Enhance your mobile onboarding and digital self-service offerings

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