Data Privacy Platform for MSPs

Actifile is like an insurance policy for your data, making your private data useless to a hacker even if it stolen.

Enhance your data security with Actifile.

Discover, monitor, and encrypt sensitive data across your organisation.

Welcome to Actifile, your comprehensive solution for data privacy and risk management. The platform is designed specifically for MSPs, providing a unique, high-value, low-cost solution to discover, monitor, and encrypt all your sensitive data across PCs, laptops, OneDrive, SharePoint, and NAS from a single cloud-based platform.

Why Choose Actifile

Actifile significantly reduces your business risk in the event of data theft. By rendering your data useless to hackers, Actifile can cut your risk by up to a staggering 98%. The Actifile platform discovers private, sensitive, and regulated data, monitors inbound and outbound data flow, and encrypts private data as it becomes stale, with effortless decryption available at the simple double-click of a button.

Business Risk Reduction with Actifile

Risk is a business decision, akin to insurance. With Actifile, you can reduce the likelihood of a data breach, minimize the impact of such an event, and protect your customers’ information. The Actifile platform offers a new revenue stream with minimal effort required, giving you a competitive edge in the MSP market.

Actifile for Customers

Actifile helps your customers reduce risk and liability by identifying and monitoring private data and automatically encrypting it as it becomes old and stale. The platform requires minimal setup and no reboot, making data privacy management easy and user-friendly.

Importance of Data Privacy in Today’s World

With new Data Privacy laws and the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme coming into effect in Australia in 2023, compliance is mandatory for businesses earning $3 million or more. Actifile makes data privacy compliance simple and cost-effective.

Actifile is considered critical in these vertical markets in Australia:
Medical, healthcare, childcare, aged care, chiropractor, doctors, dentists, pathologyHighly confidential data about patients – this is a highly regulated industry sectorAustralian Regulated industry Up to $50m fine (all sizes of businesses) HIPPA Compliance
Accounting firmsHold enormous amount of confidential data for their customersAustralian Regulated industry Up to $50m fine (all sizes of businesses)
Wealth ManagementIdeal target for a hacker, identify high net worth individuals as target accounts. Where money is, how much.Australian Regulated industry Up to $50m fine (all sizes of businesses)
Real Estate with rental armAny business that holds a Residential database is required to protect client’s dataAustralian Regulated industry Up to $50m fine (all sizes of businesses)
Private SchoolsProtect the identity of studentsAustralian Regulated industry Up to $50m fine (all sizes of businesses)
Finance CompaniesOften required to prove identity with 100 points – this data once stale should be encrypted.Australian Regulated industry Up to $50m fine (all sizes of businesses)
Commonwealth Service ProvidersIf you work with or provide services to the Australian Commonwealth, you are probably required to complyAustralian Regulated industry Up to $50m fine (all sizes of businesses)
Actifile – Data Privacy Simplified

Why customers buy Actifile:

  1. Reduced RISK: Identifies and monitors private data.
  2. Reduced LIABILITY: Automatically encrypts private data making it useless to a hacker.
  3. Minimal FRICTION: Users ‘double click’ a file to decrypt a file and no reboot is required.

Why MSPs sell Actifile

  1. New revenue stream – encrypting your customers stale data without effort.
  2. Minimal effort required: deploys in minutes and no reboot is required.
  3. Differentiation – provide a service that few other MSPs are delivering – win new customers.
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Reduce your business risk and shield your sensitive data with Actifile. Actifile is a comprehensive data privacy and risk management platform designed to help MSPs protect their and their customers sensitive data from unauthorized exposure.

Actifile typically secures up to 98% of private data against hackers, with effortless encryption/decryption of private information across multiple devices.

You can add-on the SharePoint, OneDrive, and NAS options to provide even greater protection across your entire business.