Businesses and governments rely on Thales to bring trust to the billions of digital interactions they have with people.

Our identity management and data protection technologies help banks exchange funds; people cross borders, energy become smarter and much more.

More than 30,000 organisations already rely on Thales solutions to verify the identities of people and things, grant access to digital services, analyse vast quantities of information and encrypt data.

In early 2019, Thales acquired the international security company Gemalto and combined it with our existing digital assets to create a new leader in digital security. Every organisation around the world is in the midst of a digital transformation and stands to benefit from our joint innovations.

As the world becomes more connected, Thales makes it more secure.


Software licensing solutions that do more

Fueling Growth Through Simplified Software Monetization

Thales Sentinel is the leading global partner for software licensing, delivery, and protection.

We provide customers of all sizes with a variety of solutions that scale with your needs as your business grows.

See how our strong security foundation can help you maximize the potential of your software.

Capture Revenue

Offer flexible business models

Generate new revenue

Minimize revenue leakage

Improve Operational

Simplify the software supply chain

Ensure business continuity

Minimize business risk

Reduce operational overhead

Increase Customer

Keep customers up-to-date

Deliver customer self-service

Give customers flexibility

Gain Business

Anticipate customer attrition

Identify revenue loss quickly

Know your customer

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