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For 40 years, Utimaco has been a global market leader and industry partner for cybersecurity, compliance solutions and services. They design and manufacture 

  • Hardware security modules (On-prem and Cloud) 
  • Key management 
  • Data protection
  • Identity management solutions
  • Data intelligence solutions

Around the world, Utimaco solutions contribute to making communication secure and protecting the growing amount of data in our society from dangers in cyberspace.  

  • Highly secure and highly reliable
  • Fully meet the applicable legal requirements and industry standards
  • Protect against unauthorized access, data loss and manipulation.

An introduction to Utimaco Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

Data security is becoming more and more crucial in infrastructures and organizations throughout various industries, and this brings a range of obligations and responsibilities related to how this information is processed, stored and used. Hardware Security Modules (HSM) protect sensitive assets against disclosure, manipulation and misuse.  
General Purpose HSMs

Utimaco’s General Purpose HSMs have been designed to meet the needs and standards of a wide range of use cases and market segments in a highly reliable and secured manner.  

Payment HSMs

Utimaco provides trusted digital end-to-end processes which can range from PCI compliant payment card processing, bank card issuing, and cardholder authentication through to tokenization of payment data and block-chain solutions.  

Converged HSMs

Utimaco offers the security solution for all general purpose and payment use cases on a single platform. The containerised HSM-as-a-Service solution enables many business organizations to have location independent HSMs with the highest performance and most robust security for individual use cases.


Utimaco Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM)

Key management is the foundation of all data security, and encryption keys are used to encrypt and decrypt data. 

  • Centralised key management
  • Securing encryption keys

Most cryptographic keys follow a lifecycle that involves the operations in the diagram below.

Utimaco’s ESKM is a highly interoperable appliance, deployed wherever customers use encrypted storage, and has the following compliance: 

  • Designed for NIST SP 800-131A and FIPS 140-2 Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 (physical) requirements. 
  • Certificate-based mutual client-server authentication, secure administration, and audit logging. 
  • Conforms with KMIP 1.0 through 2.1 specifications. 
  • Performs automatic key replication, client load balancing and fail-over. 
  • Embedded Local Certificate Authority as an option to protect keys in transit.

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