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EC-Council provides FREE Anti-Phishing solution - OhPhish to help remote workers and businesses fight phishing attacks.

Amid the outbreak of COVID-19, many businesses have been forced to move their workforce to work from home. However, not all organisations are equipped to deal with the risks of remote working, making their reliance on employees cyber security awareness even more important. With the massive explosion of Coronavirus-related phishing attacks in the past month it is imperative that all employees remain vigilant and capable of protection themselves from such attacks.

During this Pandemic, cybersecurity threats are high, and EC-Council is dutybound to help organizations take all necessary steps to thwart any such attempts. We are pleased to offer a FREE phishing-protection solution, OhPhish, to all organizations to enable professionals to work securely from home.

Free Subscription to OhPhish

With a 30-day free subscription, organisations can now run unlimited entice-to-click simulations and assign security awareness training to remote workers.

3 Steps to Access OhPhish
for 30-days


Susceptibility to phishing emails drops almost 20% after a company runs just one simulation according to other online reports. So, people do learn, awareness does rise, and risk can come down with an intelligent solution like OhPhish. With OhPhish, you can:



For more information, contact ACA Pacific - Official OhPhish ANZ Distributor.
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