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ioFABRIC Appoints ACA Pacific as Sole Australian Distributor


ioFABRIC establishes first Asia Pacific distributor with ACA Pacific in Australia as sole distributor

December 1st, 2016. ioFABRIC, the award-winning leader in Storage Virtualization and Objective-Defined Storage appoints ACA Pacific as its first distributor in the Asia Pacific region. ioFABRIC delivers previously unattainable storage performance levels from your existing storage assets without “rip & replace” hardware upgrades, and at a fraction of traditional costs. ioFABRIC automates the management of data across and within tiers to achieve performance and protection service levels for each application workload.   

Greg Wyman, Vice President of Asia Pacific at ioFABRIC said “Australia and New Zealand are key markets for us. Historically Australia & New Zealand have been rapid adopters of virtual technologies, and a therefore a natural fit for storage virtualisation. It is an exciting time. We are introducing new, game changing technology to the Asia Pacific region, which challenges the status quo of traditional storage vendors by creating a single storage fabric across your entire existing storage infrastructure regardless of your existing storage vendor, make or model. Just like VMware didn’t care what server was running underneath it, we do the same to storage. We provide the ability to maximize your investment in storage.” 

Mark Gill Managing Director of ACA Pacific commented “Greg is a professional and industry recognised expert at building and establishing new brands in Australia, especially with storage related companies. We have worked with him and his team for over 20 years from when he first made BackUp Exec / VERITAS the industry leading backup solution, and then PowerQuest with V2i Protector, and most recently StorageCraft. The storage market is ripe for change, and ioFABRIC is the technology that will give traditional storage hardware vendors a ”run for their money” - ioFABRIC is very disruptive and ideal for us, our resellers and their customers.“

Greg Wyman commented, “We are 100 per cent channel and will be working closely with ACA Pacific to build out our partner ecosystem. Our initial goal is to engage with a limited number of strategic partners, educate them in our solution set from a sales and technical perspective. As we gain our foothold, we will expand that community. I envision us as being very pervasive across the entire region.  

Kurt Pollett, Sales Manager at Secure Networks an industry leader in network security solutions said "ioFabric is a game-changing solution in our portfolio. When it comes to frustrations around storage our customers are all singing from the same song sheet, they're annoyed at how storage has not kept pace with virtualization, they're complaining about 'Tier 1 Vendors' being outrageously expensive and archaic, they feel 'locked-in' & ultimately the big fear is losing data. What we're hearing is that IT Managers, CIO’s and CFO's say they want is a storage solution that's scalable, redundant & affordable. Moving forward they've voiced that they want to get their storage out of the old legacy or as I say, the Stone Age (old physical server technology) and need a modern, virtual storage system that delivers to storage what VMware & Hyper-V deliver o servers – affordability, reliability, performance and scalability.”

Data is the lifeblood of the 21st century and the enterprise storage vendors have failed to deliver on the promise of reduced risk, reduced cost and, importantly, ubiquitous availability and delivery of data to the people who need it, when they need it.   

VMware changed how companies use physical servers. ioFABRIC does the same to storage.  With ioFABRIC, data storage has become something a company can simple rely on. ioFABRIC gives the modern data centre modern, high performance storage software that does not cost an arm and a leg.  

ioFABRIC Pty Ltd has just established its first Asia Pacific office based in North Sydney, Australia and will be using this as their springboard into the Asia Pacific market. 


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